Do you want to look beautiful and gorgeous on your wedding day or evening event and also look unique with a stunning dress that doesn’t look the same as every other dress that you have seen in every other boutique, then JK Couture is for you.

Hi my name is Joanne Hasson, Bridal and Evening designer for my label JK Couture Designs.  My passion for creating designs started when I was a little girl creating dresses for my dolls, which was fun.  However as I reached my teenage years it became a necessity rather than a hobby, my mum became a single mother bringing up my brother & I on a small wage as a presser for a local drycleaners. 

Money went on the essentials of food, schooling and a mortgage to keep a roof over our heads and the latest fashions were not on the essentials list, which meant we spent quite a few shopping days in op shops.

By the time I was in high school I was making my school uniform skirts so that I didn’t have to wear one from the op shop.  For my school dances in year 10 & 11 and my formal in year 12 I had only one option, make my dresses to wear or don’t go, I opted to make my dresses with fabrics that weren’t going to cost too much.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have a bad child hood, there was always food on the table and a roof over our heads and somehow my mum managed on a small wage to pay for my brother & I to go to school until I graduated from year 12. But I had a longing to have beautiful clothes made out of expensive fabrics that always seemed out of my reach.  It also affected my confidence when wearing clothes as I never had the opportunity to wear the latest designs or to follow trends.

I laugh now at the first work ball that I went to, I thought it was my chance to make a stunning ball dress with expensive fabrics, I bought some beautiful brocade fabric in black and white with a sprinkling of glitter (it was beautiful at the time lol) I remember it cost me $150 and I sat in my room just starring at the fabric for a couple of hours thinking I can’t cut this fabric because it was the most expensive fabric I had ever bought.

Now I am so lucky, I get to indulge my passion for not only creating beautiful designs but to use stunning, exquisite fabrics that I could never allow myself to dream of using as I was growing up and the fact that I didn’t have the chance to follow fashion trends when I was younger has now developed into a love of creating unique elegant designs that stand the test of time and make you always feel beautiful and stunning rather than creating dresses that will only last while the trend is fresh.


I hear from my client’s how they love the way my dresses bring out their inner beauty and make them feel stunning for every occasion as well as how unique my designs are, they love the compliments they receive and getting asked where did you find that dress, it’s gorgeous.  I am always hearing from everyone that comes into my boutique that my designs are so beautifully different from other boutiques that they have been in, where all the dresses look the same.  I spend a lot of time choosing the right gorgeous fabric that is going to suit every one of my styles and I am told that the fabrics are as big a part, as my designs for why they choose my dresses above other boutiques.

So if you are after that stunning dress that will have your inner beauty shinning and give you the confidence of walking into a room and being the centre of attention then JK Couture is for you!