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Bridal Hire

You have a small budget for your wedding dress and as much as you would love an Australian Made Designer Wedding Dress, you know that is just not possible with your budget. 

You are also a modern bride and not sentimental about keeping your wedding dress, in fact you were planning to sell it after the wedding so why go to all the huge expensive of a designer wedding dress to then have the hassle of reselling it after the wedding.

Well now you have another option.  Why not hire your dress for the day, no worrying about blowing your budget on one dress, no need to worry about the hassle of getting it cleaned afterwards (which can be a huge expense), no need to worry about trying to sell the dress after the wedding at a huge loss!


At JK Couture Designs, we have available to all of our brides JK Bridal Hire, You can hire one of our designer wedding dresses from our style of you range for your beautiful day for one low cost.

Make an appointment via our organise a consult page and click on the link.  Once you are in the appointment book, choose Bridal Hire Consult and choose your preferred day and time, it's that easy!

I look forward to meeting you for your consult.


Joanne Hasson

Bridal Designer